Classic Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Classic Windows and Conservatories are installers of industry-leading Conservatory roofimg systems. Our Classic tiled conservatory roof is far superior to competitor systems. It delivers the performance, efficiency and longevity of your normal roof, and crucially, a material match. You can have a concrete effect or slate effect tile in a wide range of colours. The Classic, solid roof conservatory system is compatible with most existing conservatory builds or can replace a traditional roofing system on a new build.

You can have your new, warm roof conservatory in a near unlimited range of styles. Popular styles include Victorian, Edwardian, gable ended, lean-to and combination. The Classic  System can match the design of your old roof or replace it with a new design. It’s up to you. The Classic, conservatory roof system uses Tapco slate and Metrotile concrete effect tiles. These engineered tiles are strong and unlike the natural alternative, they don’t degrade or weather over time.

Where Quality Costs Less!

The Classic conservatory tiled roofing system, is an industry leading, energy efficient and affordable option. With many options to choose from.  Our products are:

Energy efficient products

The highest standards on the market

Available in wide range of colour options & finishes

Industry leading technology

Innovative Design

Conservatory roof insulation can only be one thing. The Classic System has been engineered through innovative methods, highly technical design protocols and practical experience to create probably the best conservatory roof system in the World currently.

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